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AIM IRS History


News of AIM-IRS existence was brought to the Nashville District in 1984 by Deborah Hall, former Black Employees Program Manager, after attending an AIMS-IRS National Convention in Fresno, California. In 1985,Black Employees Program Manager, Cynthia Fitzgerald continued the task to officially established a Nashville District AIMS-IRS Chapter.

AIM-IRS Nashville Chapter was officially activated in 1985. Eight members of this newly organized association attended the AIMS-IRS National Convention in Detroit, Michigan in July 1985. The fervid excitement of the purpose of AIM-IRS and its’ necessity witnessed at that convention led the way to a continued expansion of AIM-IRS Nashville Chapter; within a few months prior to and following the Detroit Convention, AIM-IRS Nashville Chapter grew from zero to sixty-five members. Currently the Nashville Chapter has one hundred and twenty-six members.


The Association for Improvement of Minorities in Internal Revenue Service (AIM-IRS), because of a distinct need, was founded in 1969. In October 1969, minority employees from the districts of Washington, Baltimore, Wilmington, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and Newark convened on a voluntary basis in Atlantic City, New Jersey to discuss Equal Employment Opportunities. From the initial meeting, a second seminar was planned for the following spring.

The Seminar was organized and those instrumental in formulating the first conference were Wyatt Trent, Thomas Boyd, and Raymond Knight. Regional Commissioner, Dean Brown, showed an interest in the organization by attending one of the seminars.